Dating in the gym game

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[Read: 8 ways to avoid the awkward tension after an argument] #3 Partner mad? If your partner tends to get really angry, and they have gone through a few phones because they tend to throw things, then maybe it’s a good idea to buy a punching bag for these moments.

Punching bags are actually pretty hard to hit, and not only will they get a workout, but they will also relieve a ton of stress. The next time they start screaming or whatever they do when they freak out, go to a local comedy show, or turn on your favorite movie.

Ask questions like, do you have a roof over your head? The next time your guy or gal wants to act out, you too, should put on a performance.

If they are screaming, or stomping, or slamming kitchen cabinets, turn on a really silly song like the “Chicken Dance” song, or something that makes you feel really child-like and silly. Because you’re doing the chicken dance, having a great time and ignoring them.

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But for those who don't, simply enjoy this virtual dating game.

So the next time your guy or gal decides to throw a hissy fit, play shadow. They will probably look at you with a WTF expression, say stop, but eventually they will be so annoyed by you, that they calm down and bring their temper back down to zero. If they are upset over having to stay an extra 5-10 minutes at work or getting stuck in traffic, remind them how insignificant these things are, when compared to other, bigger issues.

Next time they decide to go run around the house screaming like a chicken with their head cut off, start asking them questions that are sure to tug at the heart strings. By taking a minute to consider just how many people in the world that do have real problems, and reminding them their “first-world” problems are not problems at all. [Read: 23 dos and don’ts of relationship arguments] #9 Start dancing.

More than likely, when you arrive back, they will apologize for behaving the way they did.It’s okay to disagree with each other, and it’s okay to fight sometimes. Life is too short and wonderful to spend it living in anger, or getting upset over really stupid things.If you’re dating someone who gets angry over ice cream falling on the ground, this is not okay, unless you’re dating a 2-year old.When this happens, then you two can go back to being the well-behaved couple that you are. If you have, then you know how annoying the person being the shadow is.I mean, they are repeating everything you say, even when you are telling them to stop. If they start stomping around, you start stomping around. If your partner is upset over something trivial, you need to give them a reality check.

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