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With high pressure and endless options, a date can be a burden before it even begins. With some friendly crowd-sourcing, crafting that ideal night out on the town doesn’t have to be daunting.

We asked a range of newsroom staffers — from twentysomethings to baby boomers, singles to spouses, LGBTQ, child-rearing and childless, senior editors to interns — to craft their ideal date nights in the Denver area, so when your Perfect Partner comes rolling through town, you won’t be so stressed out with the planning. Then, give us a" data-cycle-timeout="0" data-cycle-prev="#gslideshow_prev" data-cycle-next="#gslideshow_next" data-cycle-pager="#gslideshow_pager" data-cycle-pager-template=" " data-cycle-speed="750" data-cycle-center-horz="true" data-cycle-caption="#gslideshow_captions" data-cycle-caption-template="" Dylan Owens, Music Editor The objective of a date night is to hark back to the days when your SO wasn't your SO yet.

Time: 4 hours Cost per person: (Photo by Evan Semón, Special to The Denver Post)" Joella Baumann, News Intern If you're like me, dates are awkward and you hate them. Plus, who wants to get stuck in some noisy restaurant eating greasy food, confabulating "feelings" and "life experiences" while while you're suffering with a queasy stomach? There is no better ice breaker than the person you're crushing on running at you with a fully loaded Tippmann.

Nothing says "I like you" like a paintball to the chest.

Time: 6 hours Cost per person: " Barbara Ellis, Features Editor He makes the reservation at my favorite restaurant, 240 Union in Lakewood, without asking where I want to go to dinner or at what time -- 'cause he would just know. You are nervous that your partner won’t enjoy the food; unsure about whether the concert will be good; anxious about a million little things that ultimately define the feel of the night. On a first date, you’re expected to hit it off with a complete stranger.In a marriage, you’re tasked with finding fun outside the everyday routine.After, we share a slice of tart, creamy key lime pie. If it's really late, cross the street for a slice at Pie Hole and a nightcap and some Golden Tee at Badger's.This date is loud (in a good way) and occasionally dirty (also in a good way), but you will not get more taste (in both food and music) per dollar anywhere in the city.

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