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All of this no doubt greased the wheels for both major and independent labels to give the green light to full-length albums in an incredibly diverse array of folk-rock styles.

As in any genre boomlet, many of the ones that failed to find a wide audience were derivative, mediocre, and forgettable.

But there were also several dozen such releases that stood up to all but the best folk-rock albums in quality and consistency, and if none of them were quite on the level of the mid-'60s Byrds LPs or Love's , there were barely-heard near-gems from all across the American folk-rock spectrum.

Some sounded almost commercial enough to have been mainstream hits given the right breaks, like the Byrds-meet-the Beau Brummels sound of the Blue Things' sole album and the Ian & Sylvia-go-electric approach of Jim & Jean's .

has been somewhat lost in the shuffle even by many Young/Youngbloods fans.

Never too widely exposed during its initial press run on Mercury, it was then quickly overshadowed by the Youngbloods' far more popular records on RCA in the late 1960s.

Yet as with any major upheaval in popular music, folk-rock also spun out a wealth of fine albums that barely made the charts, missed the charts altogether, or were barely even sighted in record stores.

In fact, two of the session musicians, Peter Childs (on guitar and dobro) and John Sebastian (on harmonica), also played on another album recorded around the same time, Fred Neil's fine , that likewise looked forward to folk-rock without quite leaving the folk camp.Only "Nobody's Dirty Business," mind you, boasted actual drums.But the Young originals "Summer Rain," ""Green Hill Mountain Home," and "Lullabye" unveiled a distinctively winsome, bittersweet compositional voice that owed as much to pop as folk -- and, as the soon-to-come work with the Youngbloods later proved, only needed more oomph in the arrangements to make for first-rate gentle folk-rock.Note that we've fudged a bit to make room for a few items that, if stricter boundaries were enforced, might not make the cut for this list.A couple of entries include two albums by the same artist that were roughly equal in quality, and recorded within a pretty short space of time from each other; a few were released in the very early 1970s, though they were extremely close to the 1960s in both chronology and spirit; and in some cases they were actually recorded in the 1960s, but not actually released for a few years, until after the '70s had begun.

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