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The 6,700,000 remaining girls will most likely not date foreigners as few of them can accept a sexless relationship.Many Indonesian girls just prefer the Indonesian type of men.For instance, their is a huge consensus among Indonesians that husbands are the head of the household and that the wives should serve them (over 95% - see page 30 here).Dating or marrying a foreigner is rarely part of this narrative."The remainder of the web OS team, under Stephen De Witt, will continue to report into PSG."According to at least one analyst, flooding the market with additional Touch Pad devices could have significant benefits for HP going forward.

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The reduced-price devices are not returnable, according to the email.However, sales of its Touch Pad proved anemic, and HP made the decision to end the tablet's life after a mere six weeks on the market.In order to clear out inventory, the manufacturer sliced the starting price to , which sparked a surge of consumer interest.Inspector General Moechgiyarto justified it saying that girls who are not virgins might be "prostitutes".The equation non-virgin equates prostitutes is deeply entrenched in the Indonesian psyche unfortunately.

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