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It seems like all the cute bras are too flimsy but all the "sexy" ones are too loud and follow such an outdated ideology of what's sexy in the first place.As someone with broad shoulders with a small to mid size chest, I kind of always felt like bras were never built for my body.Upsides: color, very supportive (this could be good for some)Downsides: too much coverage for me Organic cotton simple shape neutral colors = the bra of my dreams, right?I've been loving Pansy's bras for years, but one thing I can't get over is how the straps stretch, rip, and fall down after only five months of use.Upsides: organic, small business, aesthetically pleasing design, colors options, made in the USDownsides: price, longevity, poor strap quality, fit I love this bra (I bought it in Germany in September on a whim) and wear it when I want to feel femme.The bra has kept its shape and is sexy AF, but it makes my boobs look sag and become cone-like.You could totally pull off wearing this bra in public because of its sports bra, tank-style cut with just the right amount of coverage. Upsides: comfortable, cute, supportive, soft, affordable Downsides: unadjustable straps This bra is great for making a smooth transition from your workday to your workout.

So many lingerie brands use the same sized models and I want to support brands with more inclusive sizing I mostly like triangle bras in neutral colors, so you'll find a lot of those on the post today. Hands down, this is my favorite bra to put on everyday.

The adjustable straps make it accessible to every body and boob shape, although the straps fit me sort of strangely.

Some of the straps were loose, others were tight, but it didn’t affect the comfort levels, just the aesthetics.

The material is SO soft like butter, and my boobs stayed in place in my HIIT class because of its supportive, snug fit.

When I’m doing my burpees, I'm always a bit concerned about my nipples falling out of my bra (lots of those cute workout bras don't have enough coverage for me), but that’s not the case with this style.

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