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The 024 two quart round casserole was most likely released as a promotional item, as it does not appear in any dealer catalogs.In the early 1970s capacity listings on each dish were listed in imperial measurements, but by the late 1970s they were listed in metric units.By 2008, the stovetop line of Corning Ware was reintroduced by World Kitchen, with manufacturing done by a French-based subsidiary of Corning, Kera Glass/Euro Kera.Today, the print has popped up in similar products, like Corelle, a brand name for break-resistant glass dishware.The original pattern was one large central flower flanked by a leaf, flower, and butterfly on each side on alternating white and orange bowls.The 1979 pattern portrayed a bouquet of smaller flowers on stems.

"One piece of Corning Ware, in a pattern not widely produced, sold on e Bay recently for ,000," Six told the .

As this was the height of production for Butterfly Gold some of the pieces may include capacity stamps in both imperial and metric measurements.

It takes time for something that's out of style to be considered a vintage must-have in modern times.

These products were marketed for their ability to be taken from the refrigerator or freezer and used directly on the stovetop or in an oven or microwave, then whisked to the table as a decorative serving vessel.

Plus, they could be put directly in the dishwasher when ready for cleaning.

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