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We’ve worked so hard to get where we are and we’re confident that we will be able to do anything to get to the top. We’re ambitious — and you may or may not be able to deal with it.Working an 80-hour week is hardly surprising to any of us.These women will frequently dump their birth control (if they’re on anything at all) and try to get pregnant.

In other words, the man who ties up with her is being used as a tool with a dual purpose: give her children, and help her fill in the “married” check box. Why was it, then, that when I was so insecure during my undergrad years, I had managed to obtain such stable and meaningful relationships? I brainstormed some of the reasons why things haven't worked out for me thus far. After a long day of medical puzzles, emergencies and extreme stress, there is nothing I wanted more than to unwind with someone who just doesn’t get it. And then, when they find out, they have no choice, but to run for the hills? Looking back at the shambles that added up to my so-called “dating life” throughout the past three years, the route was nothing short of a natural disaster. Is there some secret about us ambitious gals about which guys are just are not aware?One woman I know that’s 39 and a lawyer went to a sperm bank and got herself pregnant through artificial insemination. ” Here are typical traits of the professional, career single woman: -Never has been married and no kids -Type A personality -Extremely independent and selfish -Lacks femininity and nurturing -Doesn’t enjoy a man taking the lead -Dominates the conversation, and asks her date few questions -Chooses passive boyfriends and husbands -Doesn’t like sex that much (unless they’re trying to lure a guy or get pregnant) Lovely list above, isn’t it?These women have been living in a man’s world for so long that they’ve taken on many masculine traits.

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