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Specifically, people who cheated were found to have mutations in vasopressin, a powerful hormone that effects social behavior such as trust, empathy and sexual bonding in humans and other animals.And for more advice on infidelity, here are the 20 Social Media Habits That Are Technically Cheating.Negotiators are driven by pre-natal estrogen, which means they tend to be trusting, nurturing, and empathetic.Explorers are the most likely to cheat because they get bored quite easily.

Fisher explained that there are three brain systems related to love: the sex drive, which urges us to pass our genes onto another person; romantic love, which helps us choose someone to mate with; and attachment, which encourages us to form a bond with whoever sired or bore our flesh and blood.

A mob mentality phenomenon has occurred throughout human history, whether witch burning, religious zealotry, political protests or reaction to perceived racial micro aggressions.

Three psychological theories address crowd behavior. First is Contagion Theory, proposes that crowds exert a hypnotic influence on their members that results in irrational and emotionally charged behavior often referred to as crowd frenzy.

Still, given that times have changed so much since the 1990s, when infidelity was reportedly at its peak, you’d think we’d have achieved some more gender parity when it comes to infidelity.

So why is it then men are still the ones that often seem to graze on greener pastures?

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