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In a post-War on Terror world, that dynamic could have fueled some fascinating character dynamics, but in the mid-90s, the writers just used it as a way to integrate the crew.

The writers had intended Chakotay as a groundbreaking Native American character to further broaden ’s diversity.

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universe—if it can even be called that (technically it’s an alternate timeline)—offers a certain luxury for the writers: it uses established characters.

Unfortunately, they forgot to give him a personality too.

Actor Robert Beltran complained that the writers had conceived the character as stoic and lacking in personality while providing him with lots of stereotypical Native American qualities.

Lucky for Barrett, she would find a much better role as the computer voice, and the irrepressible Lwaxana Troi on , and when Paramount dictated that the pilot needed to be two hours, Roddenberry took D. Fontana’s script for the pilot episode and injected Q for additional material.

Fontana hated the changes, as well as Roddenberry’s excuse that the network wanted him to write the pilot himself (not true).

Eric Bana plays the mad Romulan Nero, commander of the inexplicably over armed ship, the Narada.

His quest for God would seem to offer possibilities for the character, but Sybok is so self-assured, and ?

If you answered “anyone” to the above question, you’re totally right, though the fault does not rest on the shoulders of Hardy.

The actor later compared his work on marks an all-time low for the original cast films, and has since become something of a joke among cinephiles.

The premise alone should have discouraged Paramount from giving it a go-ahead.

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