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Some of the props in the picture will be on display; a period chandelier, tapestry, wallmap as well as a precise reconstruction of a slashed doublet worn by the painter. Jan Vermeer van Delft had a formative influence over our ideas of the Dutch Golden Age.Yet during his lifetime there were few indications of his later fame.

Nils Büttner's concise and lively introduction traces the painter's life, presents his work in its historical and social context and explains the pictures' symbolism, still often regarded as mysterious.

Vermeer’s late little Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Organized to honor the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s historic voyage to New York from Amsterdam, the show, Sept. 29, 2009 will focus on old masters who, like Vermeer, were active in the period of exploration, trade and artistic flowering that occurred during the Dutch Golden Age in the seventeenth century.

Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675) left us a small oeuvre of only 36 paintings.

The exhibition investigates a number of facets of this most complex of Vermeer’s compositions. In addition the Kunsthistorisches Museum displays paintings, sculptures and details of films by contemporary artists (George Deem, Maria Lassnig, Peter Greenaway etc.) whose creation were inspired by Vermeer’s pages that tend to be one-way monologues with insignificant interaction. And yet the chance to bring the Vermeer community a bit closer might be worth a try.

Besides extensive technological studies regarding the work’s state of conservation, several central subjects are faced including the complex iconography supported by period documentation. What does the painting reveal about Vermeer’s working methods? I have found Facebook surprisingly efficient for diffusing news rapidly and opening lines of quick, two-way communication. Have a look, leave a comment and keep on coming I'll keep on plugging away for a year or so - the time necessary to evaluate any web initiative - and see if a marriage between social networking and art history makes any sense.

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