Dating and marriage without intimacy

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We don’t want to risk them mistaking our openness or affection for making a pass at them.Even in this day and age with greater acceptance of homosexuality, straight men , knawhuimmsayin?Even in movies that acknowledge that yes, there are other forms of love besides romantic love, guys can only admit to loving when it’s played for comedy. No homo, bro.” demonstrative and affectionate with one another.

This in turn makes you more likely to take care of your health than someone who feels like they’re helpless to improve.

And I don’t mean someone you game with or go out on the town or the ever classic “help you move bodies”. Having few intimate friends is quite literally dangerous to your health.

How many of you have a friend – or several friends – who you can go to when you need help. Studies have found that people with fewer close friends tended to have a greater risk of death.

In doing so, you may find yourself put into the position of being your friend’s emotional Sherpa, showing the way… There will be people who may call you “fag” or ask why you’re suddenly acting like a chick…

even when want more closeness and intimacy as well.

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