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With the ability to call on these businesses and obtain expert advice on a range of matters from surveying, design, engineering and cost we believe this will help us to add even more value to the projects we deliver.The members of the Trebbi family have simultaneously launched their rebrands bringing all the companies in line with a common core identity.A significant amount of effort in the construction process is often wasted adding no value to the end user whilst depleting profitability of clients, consultants and a solution to significantly reduce this wasted effort through collaboration between project stakeholders.Monaghans were proud to play their part in Wear it Pink 2012 with many staff members coming to work on Friday 26th October wearing their finest pink shirts, socks, jumpers, cardigans and coats.

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The ethos instilled throughout Monaghans is one of commitment to the needs of our individual customers and the delivery of innovative tailored solutions that meet their requirements.

The new branding will affect everything from logos to letterheads and we also have a new website which we would love you to explore to get a complete picture of our branding initiative.

Over the past few years we have formed a number of relationships with other disciplines operating in our industry and as such we have created the “Trebbi Family” an alliance of likeminded business that are able to collaborate and share knowledge when appropriate whilst remaining independent.

The independent assessor observed that “Customer focus is monitored by the company and all staff within the company understand the requirements set out by the customer” and established that “[Monaghans] is committed to delivering projects to meet the customer requirements and focuses on providing a quality product to meet the customer specification”.

At Monaghans we work extremely hard to keep our clients happy.

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