Dating a serial monogamist

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Some partners bring out our romantic side; others, an adventurous streak. Serial lovers get to express and explore these different components of their personalities with each relationship."Even though I’ve left the guys behind, I’ve learned something important about myself in each relationship," says self-proclaimed serial monogamist Jessica Chan."That’s what motivates me to go out and try it again."I started my research on serial monogamy hoping to find out the secrets of those who practice it (can I fast-forward from breakup to honeymoon stage next time?She can think of no difference in the immense intensity of her love to each of them.

(The percentage shrinks when we take all mammals into account, which takes us down to about 3 percent.) In We all change through different relationships.Consider the following popular song: "I want give you all I have, I would do anything to be with you, but one thing I won't do, is share you."The difficulties surrounding romantic relationships in modern society have popularized a version of monogamy, which may be termed "serial monogamy." In this version, commitment or exclusivity typical of monogamy is maintained but it is usually confined to a limited period.In this increasingly popular romantic pattern, people still believe in some moderate form of ideal love, but give up their basic pretense that it should last forever.Human beings are enormously flexible creatures and exhibit adaptability in dealing with the issue of monogamy and romantic exclusivity.Accordingly, they argue that "what makes human beings unusual among other mammals is not our penchant for polygamy, but the fact that most people practice at least some form of monogamy."The compromise required in serial monogamy is not merely in giving up the dream of eternal romantic love, but also in relinquishing certainty and living in some sort of make-belief environment.

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