Dating a green beret

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They scouted bomb targets and teamed with local resistance groups.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Brad Fowers poses in front of De Oppresso Liber, or the Horse Soldier, a 16-foot bronze statue honoring the work of Special Forces Soldiers in Afghanistan at the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom in the last months of 2001.

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If they don't have the will, it's not going to be successful.

(If visions of Generation Kill begin dancing in your head, quash them before the film does it for you.) Bouncing between light-footed character comedy and drum-beating nighttime raids, Kirby's men join forces with several South Vietnamese ARVN soldiers (among them Jack Soo and Star Trek's George Takei) to provide humanitarian relief to civilians, fend off advancing troops, and kidnap a high-ranking enemy commander.

Before you can say pantomimed knife-fight, Kirby and his men are faced with a number of obstacles, shedding their own blood in the battlefields of Vietnam to overcome each one, and Beckworth has an inevitable change of heart that forces him to question everything he's come to believe about the war.

It involves drinking tea, taking horse rides along steep mountain trails.

It's sharing their hardships, bathing in icy rivers, and sleeping in a cave or under a truck in the mountains in freezing November weather. You're just as reliant on them as they are on you." Fowers noted that, for the missions they undertook, they packed only what they could carry.

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