Dating a celibate man

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But I imagine finding “true” virgins in this day and age has been difficult for you. I don't have much experience in the dating world, but from what I know, if you look in the right places, you can find men who will respect you. Celibate until marriage and abstaining until marriage is clearly is not the same thing.Well, keep your standards steady – you deserve the best. I just have not had any dealings with a man in a relationship where abstinence was not an issue at some point and time. I guess that is why I am here…to converse with men who are truly abstaining and women who are on the same path as I am. I honestly don't think they are as rare as most people believe. I should have used the word “abstaining” throughout the entire post.– all which was revealed much later on in the relationship. I started dating my first and only real boyfriend around that age and slipped away from the values I was raised with.So even if sex wasn't an issue, the relationship still would not have worked out. First off, I have to say that I'm 20 years old, female, and I've never had sex, and don't intend to until marriage. But quickly returned before long and have not looked back since then - nor have I been in a serious relationship since then either. The subject line of my post may have thrown people off.I agree that women have added a GREAT deal to this sexual debacle.There are many men who say 1) they have either never been in a relationship with a woman who didn't want to have sex or 2) the women they have dealt with say no to sex in the beginning, just to give in to it later on. I wish more women would say no and stick to no sex before marriage.Are women breaking up with you because of your abstinence or is it for other reasons? It's good to hear your position on sex is not getting you down or giving you second thoughts.

It's really not fair to blame one sex when it takes two to tango. I do not desire a virgin, but if God blesses me with one, and my mate is ok with me, great.But I do not deserve, nor will I settle for a pimp either.Don't misinterpret what I am saying about men – the word “ALL” was loosely used to describe what I have encountered in my short term and frustrating relationships with men.I think you were asking how I handle the "desire", well I think that nasturbation is absolutely normal, and that is the way I find sexual relief, but there are those that will argue that point, but can refuse to show me where it is morally wrong.You seemed to lable men as villians for the most part, but I promise women are just as responsible for the respect/disrespect of sexual relations in this country, and worldwide.

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