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While studying psychology in El Paso Jessica took a part time job as a dancer in a local strip club to help her pay for her studies.

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There is little effort made to knit the vignettes together, and despite Jessica's charm and sexual prowess the film adds up to nothing.

Cast can't be faulted, but just as the lion's share of mainstream rom-coms are so lightweight that they seem to evaporate before the final reel unspools, "101" just lays there, innocuous.

While filmed in high definition, it was down converted to regular SD (standard definition DVD) so there was some minor grain in some of the scenes where lighting was minimized as part of the scene (night scenes tend to do that as do scenes shot in shady areas like Wicked seems intent on doing these days).

The artistic measures taken to make the movie's vignettes look interesting did manage to weaken the overall effect for me but they were not nearly as pronounced as some of the more arty-farty vignette driven releases of the past.

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