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Trying to make it sound like a bad horror sequel there.Anyway, March is upon us, time to start posting reactions to the mixes you have (hopefully) received.Bring a blanket and snuggle up outside on the Green while watching the final movie of the View House of Horror movie series, Annabelle.At Centennial, revelers can dance the night away with ghoul-friends, and at both locations stay late – because Ghouls Drink Free from 9pm to midnight.They invite you all to experience a night of horror goth & industrial for the spookier palate! Featuring very special guest DJs, on the Milk Bar side. Come in your best dressed, and experience a true goth environment like nothing else. When: October 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st 2015 Time: 7pm-11pm Where: 1750 Savage Road, just 2 miles west of Loveland on Highway 34 or the 2nd right-hand turnoff of Glade Road. This local legend is taking over the second floor of Colorado Adventure Point as an interactive haunted house. You will be sent through a portal to explore over 4,000 square feet of gruesome medieval torture populated by horrifying creatures.Some recommended attire includes black velvet, satin, corsets, Victorian gowns, traditional goth, leather & lace, top hats, big hair, and the best D. Take a frightening walk in the Savage Woods, just west of the Devils Backbone in Loveland, Colorado. Will you find the scattered shards needed to heal the timeline?Prizes awarded at both locations of View House, so if you’re down south mosey on down to the Nightmare on Clinton Street. Finally, on Saturday October 31, it’s the ultimate in Halloween-decorated spooky houses, View House style.Down south, revel in the View House of Horror with Funkiphino, DJ, dancing, and decorations to die for.

There is a certain tragedy known as the One-Book Author, when a person produces one work in a specific field that becomes extremely popular but never forays into that field again.SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMANCES: No Coast Company, Trayce Chapman, Bastard Hootie Ticket prices are: pre sale for 18 , at the door pre sale for 21 (includes three FREE drinks), at the door *IF YOU ARE 21 AND DO NOT WANT TO DRINK, FEEL FREE TO PURCHASE THE PRE SALE FOR 18 * *THIS VENUE IS 4/20 FRIENDLY* *All funds raised for this fund will go towards providing Thanksgiving dinner to families in November.To purchase tickets go to: bit.ly/1Prs5M1 When: October 23rd & 24th 2015 Time: 4 available pm/pm/pm/pm Where: Riverside Cemetery, 5201 Brighton Blvd, Denver 80216 At Denver’s ONLY nighttime cemetery tour you’ll learn about Lester Drake’s tragedy, the secrets surrounding the Jones Mausoleum and the heartbreak of the Bell Family along with the other mysteries of Riverside. Get off admission if you show them you’ve liked their page on Facebook! When: October 28th 2015 Time: 8pm-2am Where: Club Vinyl, 1082 Broadway, Denver 80203 Got to work on Halloween night?Your favorite divas will be transformed into the Dancing Dead! COME IN COSTUME or mask for the chance to win great prizes including tickets to other fantastic shows at Lannie’s and classes with Bella Diva Dance.There will be zombie belly dancers and Brazilian “Zombistas.” Naughty Pierre will be hosting as Count Dracula, and the special guest will be Dr. They will also have you up and dancing, learning some of the most famous steps to Michael Jackson’s iconic “.” Body Painter, Mythica von Griffyn from the TV show “Skin Wars” will also be on site transforming our audience into zombies during Intermission.

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