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A bored hacker modified an Eliza programme to act as an IRC sex-chat bot that impersonated an eighteen year old girl (or, rather, impersonated a sex-chat afficianodo of indeterminate gender impersonating an eighteen year old girl).He assumed that people would try to have cyber-sex with his bot and get bored, but in fact a surprising number were convinced and even got off with it.In this case, the motive of the thief is not to immediately disrupt the domain holder’s operation, but to acquire and resell the domain name.An example of such a theft is the blogtemplate4and modify the administrative email contact information in Hush Communications’ registration record.

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This type of domain theft includes using forged fax or postal mail requests to modify registrant information.It turns out that pornbots are among the class of Eliza-derivatives that can pass a Turing Test (or rather, horny sex-chat boys are among the class of human beings that can't tell a chatterbot from a person -- other groups include psychotherapists, who, in one experiment, couldn't distinguish actual transcripts of therapy sessions with schizophrenics from simulated therapy with schizophrenic chatterbots; and the university student who mistook a chatterbot for his prof in the middle of the night when he IMed same for permission to extend deadline on a late paper).'eliza' is a program that talks to you, pretending to be a psychologist.Unauthorized DNS configuration changes can be a result of DNS spoofing attacks (also known as DNS cache poisoning).In this kind of attack, data is introduced into a Domain Name System (DNS) name server’s cache database that results in the domain name server returning an incorrect IP address, diverting traffic to another computer (often the computer of the domain name thief).

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