Cyber dating net

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After Aiba returns to the Real World, Date shows up to disperse the crowd of bystanders gawking at Aiba's appearance, but is also scared by Aiba's glitched form.

Later, when a digital portal spears in Shinjuku, Date once again shows up to disperse the crowd.

Rie is a generous young lady who has a soft demeanor, great confidence in herself, and doesn't listen to the opinions of others. When the other masked Zaxon members address him, they call him "Mephisto-san-san", implying the first "-san" is actually part of his codename instead of a honorofic.

Mephisto-san is a hacker who steals the accounts of other EDEN users.

Their headquarters is the Net Cafe Hudie and their mascot is Wormmon.

She also wears black hotpants, and black high heels which are open in the top and have golden circuit-like lines in the bottom.

Gorou is a middle-aged man with black eyes and black hair.

He wears a buttoned white shirt with purple vertical stripes, under a black buttoned shirt, and a green hooded jacket with white cords and black handles.

He also wears a black hat with green stripes, black pants, and shoes of undetermined color.

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