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For sales reps who call in at their customers' homes and business premises, this means being able to turn a potential order into a fully-paid for sale.For anyone who works outside of a traditional brick-and-mortar business premises, a mobile system gives them just the same sort of flexibility with payments as other businesses.Although many retail outlets still use such systems, especially supermarkets where customers are passing through the point of sale on their way to the exit anyway, today all sorts of businesses can and do take advantage of card payments thanks to the fully mobile card terminal.For some time, terminals which can read cards have been used in settings like bistros and bars in order to offer customers greater convenience when making a payment.A major pro regarding a mobile card system is that it allows payments to be secured immediately.For sales personnel, this can be a big advantage because it allows them to obtain a payment or secure a deposit whilst their customer is fully engaged in what it is that is being sold.

This means that goods and services can be paid for in almost any location, whether indoors or outside.This method gives customers a greater sense of security when making a payment rather than ringing a third party in order to read out their card's number over the phone, for example.Mobile chip and PIN means means the customer enters their four-digit number into the reader only after the chip's data has been read.A receipt can then be easily produced ,either by printing it out or emailing it to the customer, keeping the entire process wireless and fully mobile.Unlike card-not-present transactions, which are usually made via the web or over the phone a portable card reader mobile chip and PIN can be used to accept card payments.

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