Cracking the dating code kelly hunter pdf

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The quietness of the book is one of the things I really liked, but the downside is that once the novel introduces a potential source of conflict for the couple – can they fit into each other’s worlds – it felt a little forced to me.

Without giving it away, I will say that the questions arise around whether Poppy can thrive among the people Sebastian works with, who are quite a close-knit band, because of the intensity of the work they do and the extent to which they need to trust one another to keep the offshore rigs they maintain safe.

Both are incredibly independent and self-reliant, although they are also lonely in ways that they don’t completely recognize in themselves because they are so used to being in control of their own domain.Fortunately, her business partner, Tomas, also has a brother, who, in turn, owns a remote Australian island equipped with exactly the kind of equipment and isolation Poppy needs to pull off her mission.Sebastian Reyne has a successful offshore oil-rig maintenance business, but he’s still reeling from the explosion that killed one of his partners and left a rig worker deaf.Poppy West, genius and legendary code-­cracker, needs a hideaway.Her borrowed desert island seems perfect-­until she discovers the owner is the most dangerously sexy man she has ever laid eyes on she's out of her depth!

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