Cousins dating is it normal

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Well years later I got married and my husband found out about this and told my cousin to stay away from me and he did.It has been a year and I saw him once again just the other day at a family get together.A lot of my Monroe County relatives married first cousins.

Its been a week and we've been texting all day, everyday.

If you take it up a notch, to three generations, each great-grandchild could have 900 second cousins on each side of their family.

Second cousins share great-grandparents, not grandparents. You have four sets of great-grandparents, and (4 x 900) makes 3,600 second cousins in addition to the 180 first cousins.

If you do genealogy, and your ancestors were in the USA west of the Atlantic seaboard before the Civil War, odds are you'll find at least one set of first cousins marrying in your tree. There was a brief span of time in the US (1870 - 1930 or so), after doctors started washing their hands and before birth control was popular, when women routinely had 8 - 12 children, most of whom lived to adulthood.

If that happened two generations in a row, one couple could have 8 - 12 children who married and produced 8 - 12 children in turn, giving the original couple 64 - 144 grandchildren.

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