Consolidating home equity loan into mortgage

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Posted by Gail | Filed under Credit Wise, Home Buying, This & That Everyone wants to know whether or not to consolidate their consumer debt onto their mortgage.

This financial uncertainty may not seem much better than the problem of too many bills and not enough money that you were facing before you obtained your HELOC.You must be cognizant of the consequences of this drawn out loan life before you sign on to the stipulations of a HELOC, or else you are in for a bumpy ride down the road to financial prosperity.Be sure to take advantage of the assessment abilities of this calculator and use its output to get an idea of whether a HELOC would really benefit your debt situation or not.Right now we have a variable mortgage at 2.25 %interest.I am now 50 years of age, and really want to get our mortgage paid off. No one is richer than they think, but it sure is a great way to convince people to borrow more money, isn’t it?

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