Consolidating business operations

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For some companies, the acquisitions happened years ago and the enterprise has been living with the pain and expense of a tangle of diverse systems for a long time.

How can your team ensure a smooth transition – and make sure that every business process works during and after re-structuring?

Standardized business execution, greater efficiencies. A financial VP at a large telecom company recently gave her views on the matter of consolidating enterprise applications, “As you may know we get involved in a lot of merger and acquisition activity.

Over time, we’ve come across multiple instances of various ERPs, including SAP, so it’s really important to us from a standardization and finance transformation perspective, to make sure that we are collapsing into standardized processes and bringing platforms together to gain greater efficiencies across our financial systems.” “Budgets are always a consideration, so more systems means more people, division of labor.

Functional test automation platforms like Worksoft Certify® can be used to validate that processes are executed with the highest quality – before, during, and after the project. One of the world’s largest car companies took on the challenge of consolidating from 23 global data centers to two in Michigan – all while making the shift 100% transparent to more than 20,000 SAP users worldwide.

An Implementation Team will be charged with overseeing the transition and the overall planning, design and implementation of BOCs.

The primary recommendations follow; however, I encourage you to read the Vice Chancellor’s recommendations as well as the Business Operations Realignment Steering Team report for additional background information.

After all, business operations can’t stop because you are in the midst of a reorganization. The project involved moving production landscapes and hundreds of technical instances, changing operating systems, and implementing architectural changes. Why do companies turn to test automation during consolidations?

A project of this scale involved a massive regression testing effort to ensure continued business process quality. Despite the complexity, the consolidation adhered to a very strict timeline without disrupting the company’s global operations.

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