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Most students today are coming out of advanced schooling with a degree and a load of student loan debt. It isn’t uncommon for payments to be as high as 0 per month.

Even with income-based repayment schedules, it can be nearly impossible to afford every monthly payment from every student loan that exists.

For most people, this would be the main reason to consolidate your student loans.

The government has introduced several income-driven repayment plans over the years that can not only decrease your required monthly payment, but may even lead to some of your debt being forgiven.

Most of this post will be spent talking about the pros and cons of federal student loan consolidation.

But there are times where refinancing is the right option and we’ll talk about those situations as well.

They both have very different pros and cons, and very different situations in which they make sense.

So understanding the difference is key to making the right decision for your specific situation.

It also meant that consolidation was appealing for the simple fact that it made things easier.

Quick note: Many private lenders will call their loans “consolidation” loans, which adds to the confusion.

It’s just better to consider any new private student loan a refinance since the main benefit is the potential for a interest rate, and since consolidation has a specific meaning when it comes to federal student loans.

Before 2010, federal student loans used to be given out in two different ways.

You either received a Direct loan directly from the federal government, or a FFEL loan from a private company.

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