Concept half life used radiometric dating

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However, science is suppose to do just that - challenge ideas. Because often what seems obvious initially does not turn out to be true.

The scientific method is all about testing and retesting theories since no theory is ever proven by science.

Some habitats are clearly more susceptible to the preservation of fossils.

If those specific habitats are not occupied by a particular kind of creature, it may not be preserved in the fossil record even though it is still alive and well in some other habitat.

Single celled organisms make their first appearance in the lowest layers followed by multicelled ocean bottom-dwelling creatures like sponges and worms etc.

Higher up come creatures like bony fishes, then land plants and animals, then birds and larger land animals.

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Some layers contain mostly fish fossils while others contain land-dwelling creatures such as dinosaurs.If the geologic column truly represents a series of closely spaced catastrophic burial events instead of long ages of time, how can this feature be explained?Certainly this seems like a difficult and rather mysterious problem for those, like myself, who might think to question the long age notion of the fossil record.At least a partial explanation might be found in the fairly recently discovered fact that at least some nested hierarchical patterns to the distribution of different populations (both living and within the fossil record) seem to be strongly related to ecological and population-size factors."The common pattern of species identities associated with species area relationships is the 'nested subsets' pattern.

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