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Some clients have expressed that they would like the option of being able to search the database themselves. We give Chemistry and e Harmony the same rating because they are both very similar.

Also, they would rather see photos upfront instead of the later, after investing time in correspondence. They both have an extensive questionnaire and guided communication system.

They are a leader in marketing, functionality and innovation.

They have a cool, in style type of advertising that tends to attract higher quality people.

Many of our clients have found their match on Matchmaker's Rating e Harmony is another top contender in online dating.

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Many people feel that e Harmony is geared toward Christian singles; however the company does not say that.

Online Dating is overall a self service business, but that’s not to say Online Dating doesn’t have its place and can be a great dating tool if used wisely.

We have helped hundreds of clients with all areas of dating and relationships including, being an effective Online Dater.

For this you can simply visit our top choices through the links on the right. Many sites advertise based on how many members they have. Some sites may have a large overall membership but fewer people in your area.

Where as some have a smaller overall membership but have more people in your area.

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