Colombia dating marriage

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For this reason, it is always best to arrange all the details before hand to avoid any unwanted surprises.

(For example, you might ask your date, "Look, let's go to this sushi place.

Meeting a girl's family is very important if you are looking for a serious relationship or marriage.

Families are typically much closer in Colombia and Latin America than they are in the US or Europe, and always remember that if you're dating a Colombian girl, her family comes along with it.

If you're planning on bringing a friend, let me know, and I'll invite a friend as well").

There are largely two reasons that girls invite a friend to a date.

Many Colombian women from poorer backgrounds work as escorts (or prepagos as they're called in Colombia), or prostitutes, seeing it as a means to provide for themselves and their families.

For that reason, it's always best to get as much information as you can about a girl.

If the girl's family lives in another part of the country, though, this could be problematic.

Additionally, some girls, especially in Medellin, will expect you to pay for their roundtrip taxi fare as well.

In Bogota or Cali this is less of an expectation, but make sure you clear up the transportation issue in the beginning to avoid awkward situations.

However, be clear from the beginning about your assumptions.

It's probably a bad sign if on the first date a girl insists on going to only the most expensive restaurants, bars, and clubs.

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