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There is no need to start from scratch if this information is already available from a trustworthy source.

But, if this department doesn't exist, then we can start by: - estimating the population of Canada - the number who drink cow milk and how much - the percentage of milk imported - the percentage of milk exported - the percentage of milk wasted - the percentage of milk used in other products - the amount of milk produced by a cow - from these numbers, get an estimate of the number of cows The approach should be as follows, please correct or improve the answer. Estimate how much cow milk is produced in a day in Canada before it is processed and so on. This is an approx answer.since the dept of agriculture does follow each registered cow, that number would be supplimented by the estimated number of non-registered cows. Are we including calves, or only those cows of a certain age or higher?

no interview question is a correct question and no answer is a wrong answer, when you are looking for leaders! Many of the Canadian girls, within 25 miles of the USA border are on the slender side..............which is not bad in itself.

) During the 3 years, would look at my best opportunity, settle down and get married.

We would have about 4 to 6 children, to keep her parents and us happy.

Having said that, I would look at the interviewer and say, "If you are really interested in the details, and facts, just hire me for the job and i won't disappoint.

" (with my new 0,000 salary, my company car, and a ,000 yearly expense account, I would personally drive my way through Canada and visit every farm in that country.

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