Christy quirk dating

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And particularly in an admin position, where the job is a support role and at least part of the job is to make other people’s lives easier, everything about this is silly.

I don’t know the dynamics in your office, but in most offices it would be reasonable for someone to talk to her manager and say, “Hey, this won’t work — can you intervene here? I’m shedding hair all over the office I have a weird problem. It is a very open and collaborative environment so we move about the office throughout the day. My husband jokes that I leave a trail of hair wherever I go.

For example: It’s not easy to move my pumping times around.

However, I feel that openly discussing pumping at work, especially with male coworkers, is taboo. I also don’t want to contribute to the perception that working mothers are less capable or dedicated.

Because she’s very chatty, and because my job requires a lot of traveling and working odd hours, people in my position typically email this receptionist if we need anything non-urgent.

Today the receptionist sent out a mass email to the building.

Of course I asked about it and then I got a 15-minute hard pitch on Rodan and Fields.

Not just on buying products from her but also pushing me to join her downline and sit in on an “informative” call this weekend.

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