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It's not safe to do so, considering the ease in which online fraud occurs, cross-connecting between social media sites like Facebook and online people-searches.

Your digital footprint is essentially a portal to your past, so protect it until you’ve met someone in person and made a true first impression. Your username is not a numerology report, so stay away from numbers.Tinder users may have noticed a change in the app’s Discovery Settings over the past few weeks, which went largely unnoticed during the app’s recent update.The popular dating app, which recently rolled out the latest improvements to its algorithm and profiles, has taken a step towards cementing a desktop presence, with the introduction of Tinder users are now able to create a web profile, by claiming a username (Ã la Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) in the app’s Discovery Settings.“Your username and web link will remain hidden; only you can see your web link, and only you can decide to share it.Sharing your profile allows more people to see it and can get you more matches.” Other new features released in Tinder’s recent update include the addition of job and education information to profiles, and the introduction of Smart Profiles, which dynamically highlight the most relevant information about a potential match.

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