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The sight of her cleavage made his mouth water and he swallowed hard.Their eyes locked again and a mischievous glint in her green orbs had him smirking. Those curvy hips that were covered by a skin tight black dress sauntered there way over to his direction.When he didn't break the gaze, she took it as her opportunity to have some fun and torture him.Running her hands down her sides, she continued swaying her hips from side to side with the rhythm of the music.The dark blue jeans hugged his hips loosely, and the long sleeved white buttoned down shirt did nothing to hide the outline of his strong big muscles, nor did it stop her memory of what he looked like without it.A few buttons were left open to let part of his chest peek out, and she found herself staring longingly at the exposed skin.She winked at him before turning and heading towards the dance floor, his eyes glued to her ass.Swaying her hips and turning in small sensual circles, her eyes stumbled on his and her breath caught. But more than anything, he looked hungry, extremely hungry.

His heart began to race at the sight of her actions.

Note: I am die hard Clint/Tasha shipper, but Thor is just too sexy to not enjoy, and I really am NOT a fan of Jane, so this is my 2 cents on how sexy Thor can get with a Midgardian. Youtube for the sexy song to see the inspiration behind this.

Thank you to Bethany for a little Thor chit chat that inspired a certain line in this story.

It was that look of hunger, sweet sensual hunger, a look that he would only have he wanted her so badly, he would shake.

She saw raw desire, and that same look made an evil grin cross her face.

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