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The original syllabary was changed so that, existing print types, could be substituted and used in a printing press, these original characters of the syllabary, that Sequoya would collect off of pottery pieces and ancient religious stone artifacts, are linked to the early Cherokee religion, in that they are also found, and the writings of the people who came, from the saltwater from the East.

Sequoyah's exodus was to find the beginnings of the ancient Cherokee Church of One God.

(Photo - Left) Early Cherokee priest house, built of all natural materials without a nail, or screw.

37 feet tall, 30 foot in diameter, built in four days, the elders, with priest Rogers, blessed and greeted over 8000 people in three days, to be in the middle of the wilderness and not to feel lost is the power of sharing a common belief that we are brothers and sisters all.

By the late 1830s, Sequoyah had decided that it would be impossible for his people not to degenerate into a people who did not know the Great Spirit, Yo hee wah, their legacy, nor the blessings of choosing the white path of the Ani u we yah, the principal people.

Sequoyah wrote a letter to his people which said "Come to me and live in the freedom of Mexico." (which was then Texas and Mexico).

The priest house is designed to last at the very least, 700 years.

That turned out to be not within Sam Houston's power at that time, as he was recovering from his battle wounds and was out of the country.

Mirabeau Lamar was the then president of Texas; he came from Georgia, where he wrote the Indian Removal Act of 1828, which was later to become the legal basis for forced removal of the Cherokees and the tragedy, the trail of tears.

Sequoyah had heard the stories of the old ones, of elders telling of a priest war in which the Anikutani (you of the gates of peace, we follow), the priest families, had been almost completely extinguished.

After having been in the position of the highest power for almost 2,000 years, some of these priests had forgotten the teachings of Yo hee wah, (the oldest written or spoken name for the one God of Creation), and these priests had abused their position of power.

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