Cheops dating

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Besides these monumental creations, there are more than nine thousand rock-cut tombs, from different historic periods, ranging from the First to the Thirtieth Dynasty, and extending to the Graeco-Roman Period.

The property also includes the remains of many smaller temples and settlements, which are invaluable for understanding ancient Egyptian life in this area.

Criterion (i): In Memphis was founded one of the most important monuments of the world, and the only surviving wonder of the ancient world, namely, the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Its architectural design remains unparalleled and scientists continue to conduct research on how it was constructed.

Protection and management requirements A comprehensive system of statutory control operates under the provisions of the Protection of Antiquities Law No. Despite the efforts for protection and requirements to retain its World Heritage status, a comprehensive management plan for the overall property has not been formulated.

Ptah was the local god of Memphis, the god of creation and the patron of craftsmanship.

In de oudheid werd de piramide van Cheops beschouwd als een van de zeven wereldwonderen.

Source: Memphis is located in the center of the floodplain of the western side of the Nile.

De piramides van Gizeh bestaan uit de Piramide van Cheops, de wat kleinere Piramide van Chefren en de Piramide van Mycerinus.

Aan de oostzijde van de piramides bevindt zich de Sfinx van Gizeh.

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