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During your mutual overshare over text/Facebook/Instagram, you learn too much about him—his work, friends, families, dog, taco preferences, favorite shows. You realize you want absolutely nothing, zero, zip, to do with him.He's texting you just to say, "good night;" lavishing you with compliments. In some cases, you might even hope to Jesus that you never f*cking see him again."I still can't believe I met my future husband on an app, especially since I didn't even write a profile and just had a few photos up there.I'd always received a lot of matches, but it really took a lot of work to communicate with so many people all the time."Most men divuldge more on the phone than in person, and this is where the lines of reality blur.He might not be as outgoing in person, there might not be a spark between you, perhaps you're not attracted to him in real life.

Regardless of what it is, he just doesn't line up to be the person you created him to be over the phone," she says.

We talked over text for a few days, and then went out for drinks.

We ended up having great conversation for five hours and had a lot in common, but I wasn't sure if I was attracted to him," she says.

How do irresistible women such as ourselves avoid this dating hot mess?

"Avoid pseudo intimacy altogether by meeting up with the person as soon as possible to get to know them one-on-one," Marni says.

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