Chat bots 18

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It can also entertain chatters who may be waiting for their conversation partner to respond too! Chat Robot can pull up some intriguing Wikipedia entries on topics of general interest.

Fully compatible with FOUR major chatbot platforms, you have the choice between IBM Watson Conversation, Google Dialogflow,, and Microsoft Bot Framework.

It will post the news items at regular intervals whilst checking if there is more recent information available at the source for your flash chat. Active traders will appreciate the ability to swap out feeds on the fly and get rapid updates from a broad spectrum of standard services.

By default, Chat Robot acts like a regular guest user. If not, it will remain quiet, allowing your other chatters to converse as normal. The chat bot can get involved in private messaging, if allowed by the webmaster.

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Seit ihr 13 Jahre alt bin, chatte ich auf dem Bluewin Chat. 40'000 User) nicht verloren geht, versuchen ein par Freiwillige die Community unabhängig von Bluewin/Swisscom weiter zu führen.

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