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The wild celebrations that filled Philadelphia with thousands of Eagles fans from South to Vine streets after the Feb.

The city is urging the fans to be safe during the coming victory parade celebrating the Eagles on Feb.

8, which is expected to see massive turnout and a crowd of potentially millions of fans descending on Philly and has already closed schools and numerous other offices and events.

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In the season three premiere, Charlie's mother reveals that he was the survivor of a failed. March 2017 Charlie Kelly character First appearance "" Created by, and Portrayed by Information Aliases Trundle, Hoss Bonaventure, Wildcard Gender Male Occupation Co-Owner and Janitor of Paddy's Pub Family Bonnie Kelly mother Jack Kelly maternal uncle Unnamed twin sisters possible biological father, former domestic partner Gino Reynolds possible paternal uncle Charles " Charlie" Kelly is a fictional character and the main on the seriesportrayed by. He goes to great lengths to attempt to win her over, a her frequent declarations that she will never be interested in him the actress who plays The Waitress,is in fact married to Charlie Day, who portrays Charlie.But new police surveillance video from a Sunoco gas station at Broad and Catharine streets in South Philly around a.m. 5 shows dozens of those “knuckleheads” break in and loot the store openly while trashing it.Now surveillance video featuring their smiling faces has been released by Philly police in a bid to bring to justice some of those who have permanently tainted the reputation of all Philly sports fans.

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