Carbon dating siberian traps

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VINCENT COURTILLOT: The carbon dioxide will lead to a greenhouse effect and the cold will re, be replaced by unusual hot time, so you get the double hit.You're cold for a while and then hot for a longer time, so that altogether after a million year the Earth would be different, the climate would be different and a mass extinction would have happened.Benjamin Franklin, the American Ambassador in Paris at the time, recorded the effect on Europe's climate. NARRATOR: Using the evidence from Laki Courtillot now built a model of how the Siberian Traps might have destroyed the world.First, there would have been eruptions sending thousands of tons of dust and ashes into the sky.It's sitting with the top of the skull just here coming down to the snout.There's a tortoise-like beak that, that sits under here. ROGER SMITH: Filled the niche of the cow in a modern day pasture except these would live in herds and roam around the Permian flood plains.NARRATOR: It's a phenomenon known as a flood basalt eruption when the Earth's crust splits apart and releases curtains of lava across an entire continent. The Earth is almost continuously spewing out lava until after a million years or so millions of cubic kilometres have erupted, so this is a truly gigantic volcanic object thousands tens of thousands of times larger than anything man has ever seen. That winter was one of the worst winters in living memory.NARRATOR: Courtillot now began to wonder what such a volcanic monster would do to life on Earth. Though nobody had ever seen a flood basalt eruption he did have one clue: Just over 200 years ago, in a region of Iceland called Laki, a tiny but similar eruption altered the climate of the Northern Hemisphere. VINCENT COURTILLOT: That winter of 1783/1784 there were strange fogs, brown fogs, snow, unusual amounts of snow fell and actually the winter continued onto the next summer. There was no grape, no wine, the wheat didn't ripen and actually that foul weather was observed in North America and in Japan and China.

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VINCENT COURTILLOT: First will enter a winter, a volcanic winter.Then in the early 1990s they stumbled on something.Buried under the frozen wastes of Siberia are thousands of miles of lava. Today the region is covered in snow and vegetation, but below the surface are the ancient remains of the biggest and most destructive volcanic eruptions the world has ever witnessed.NARRATOR: For 30 million years these strange creatures ruled the Earth.This was a thriving, stable world as complete in its own way as ours is today.

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