Carbon dating incorrect

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While the law does not specifically mandate Monroney stickers for some trucks, automakers affix them across their entire vehicle lineups.Failure to display one can result in a fine of ,000 per vehicle to the dealership.As time went on the Window Sticker became a valuable and essential item to every car enthusiast along with the litany of additional documentation originally provided for each vehicle.Window Stickers and other documentation have become a “staple” at car shows that provide detailed information respective to the car being shown including; Dealer to whom sold, dealer code and zone number, plant assembled, model, VIN, original options, descriptions, prices and other pertinent information regarding our prized on a crusade for logic and reason, and against Big-Government.

I enjoyed researching the documentation aspect of the hobby and read everything I could get my hands on relating to this subject.Humidity will rise, sure, but it can rain out or form low clouds. Will humidity hang around and thicken the “blanket”, or not?While the simulations say “yes”, the observations say “No”.In other words, the ice core graph shows that temperature controls the carbon dioxide levels.It’s possible that CO2 provides some extra push (amplification) but if it does, its effect is so small that it can’t be seen in those graphs.

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