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Labor Law does not provide provisions for paternity leave.

For establishments employing 100 employees or more, employer is obliged to provide for an in-house nursery, or alternatively, to take charge of placing employee's children (until the age of schooling is reached) in adequate nurseries.

Competent Minister determines professions, businesses and crafts for which foreigners are prohibited from working.

Any person who violates the provisions of the law on organization of the work of foreign employees is liable to fine of not less than five hundred Egyptian Pounds and not exceeding five thousand Egyptian Pounds.

Maternity benefits are paid at 75% of the last wage.

Moreover, women employed in establishments with more than 50 employees are entitled to up to two years of unpaid childbearing leave per child as stipulated in the Labor Law.

According to the Investment Law, companies established in any of the free zones can employ foreign employees whose number does not exceed 25% of the employees in a company.

Work Permit Requirements for Foreign Employees Foreign employees are not permitted to work in Egypt unless Residency and Work Permits are obtained.

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Work Permit shall be renewed every year or every six months depending on the term of the Work Permit.

Employees aged more than 50 years are also entitled to an annual leave of 30 days.

For employees employed less than a year and not less than 6 months, annual leave is pro-rated to the period of service.

As stipulated in Article 54 of the Labor Law, in case of employee's sickness he/she is entitled to sick leave based on the report from concerned medical authority.

According to Social Insurance Law, during the sick leave an employee is entitled to his/her salary.

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