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can and will travel for right people Now developing a real taste for rubber and extreme fetish, so im keen to chat with fellow travellers and PRACTIONERS!Anyone interetsed in suspension, suction, electro stim, little exeprience but curious?profile with no PIC and practically no PROFILE: ill acknowledge your contact, but highly unlikley to be interested. and those who are similarliy interested Its always nice to meet new friends and kinksters, i'm Seeking potential boyfriends especially those into and BDSM generally fetish in particular, I much prefer older mature types, more experienced, more self assured, and more likely to meet rather than just talk about doing so.I am seeking that guy who can release my inner Bitch! i know im not to everyones taste, but hey cant please everyone mwaa HHH! i strive hard and with some effort to present my alter ego "her" as a slutty, dirty, pervy Tranny who is totally contrived, artificial and kinky,i have no desire to look like the girl next door, way to unsexy for my taste.Also visited CT16 in Folkestone, small venue but very friendly, and then tottered down to Fulham and visited Teds Place for the first time, great spot and lots of girls and guys.If your reading my profile and thinking of chat and possible meet Please remember and consider: A profile with no PICS : ill have a look at your profile, if you have made an effort and attempted to makeup for lack of pic, ill give you the benefit of sometimes it ackward to put your face pic NO ADORE lesbian scenarios, very taken by street hooker look, although i love looking tarty its not a given i will be. Thankyou BABES for stopping by, hope you like what you see and call me for a chat.

IM SEE just returned from another visit to Martinas in Southern Germany, this time for renewing our friendship but also for two days of rubber auntie fun, check Martinas web sire for details of the dvd and others w ehave made together.

Typically blonde hair, 5'7'' over 6' in platforms, weight in control (just) its so tough a girl so loves chocolate!!! Still perfecting that look, but seeking the company of similar type girls.

I new it must have been only psychological, as I felt my heart rate increase even more the moment I felt the bitterness of it going down my throat. I refilled if and did it again and again, massaging my pussy and my anus every time a stream of warm water exited my body.

" Experienced" active Players to be my LOVER /DOM/Pimp WITH A NASTY ATTITUDE! I have always admired even fantasised about being a Drag Queen or at least develop another look and expand my persona so!

mmm my type xxx you know who they are ladies, play the field a bit, selfish, exploitative and yet compulsive and did i say self centered? ive bought the gown and the OTT drag wig, jumbo lashes and ultra long false nails, I already had the " fu ck me shoes" so watch this space over the next few days, and let me know what you think of the new CAMP Bitch lol Please read below for more detail, if your interested please get in touch, say Hi and tell me whats on your mind.

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