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If Data Grid View is bound to a Data Table using its Data Source property, implementing a simple filter like substring search for a column is trivial.

We can exploit the Data Table functionality for that, and this filtering will work very fast – even for thousands of rows: The situation is much worse if your Data Grid View works in unbound mode and you need to hide or show its rows calculating a condition for every row.

NET developer using the Win Forms package faced situations when the stock Data Grid View was slow.

When developers try to use it in a more or less serious application, they see that Data Grid View can be slow in rendering, scrolling, filtering or populating it with data.

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With these values, you can limit which cells are used to calculate the preferred sizes.

As you may have already noticed from the above screenshot of the Data Grid View population test app, adding rows in unbound mode may work up to 50 times slower for 10’000 rows.

However, we can speed up Data Grid View in this case.

For more info, see this Stack Overflow discussion thread: C# Datagridview performance suffers when hiding many rows When we designed our i Grid for Win Forms, we knew that filtering rows is a frequent task in everyday life, and we optimized our grid control for this scenario.

Unbound mode is the main work mode of i Grid, and to filter i Grid in this mode, you simply set the visibility of each row to True or False depending on a condition.

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