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Vietnamese parents even were unable to clearly verbalise behaviours or identify examples of child sexual abuse.

What’s more, children’s risk related to accessing the internet was highlighted.

UNODC worked with law enforcement agencies to protect children through strengthening law enforcement responses.Vietnam welcome 7.5 million foreign tourists in 2013 while the figure was 6 million each year between 20, according to the latest statistics reported by Vietnam Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism Vietnam.The number of cases of arrests related to child sexual abuse also grew considerably to1800 in 2013, up from 1000 in the past years.“There are new forms of child sexual abuse that have been appearing together with the boom of technology,” adds Mr Nguyen Khanh Hoi.“Sexually abusive acts, such as uploading child abuse images via sex websites or sex chatting with children or forcing children to reveal their bodies via webcam, are not generally recognised as forms of sexual abuse.

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