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I've updated the criteria I use for Honor Roll Blogs.

These are blogs that have been active for several years and contain high quality or inspirational articles.

While it takes commitment to continue blogging even for a year, we're talking about topics such dividend growth investing, passive income generation, and working towards financial freedom or early retirement. Another distinction I like to make is based on the frequency of posts.

Blogs that have at least 50 posts in the past year are Active Blogs.

At the time, Mc Donald's (NYSE: MCD), Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), and AT&T (NYSE: T) topped the list of most popular dividend growth stocks held by DGI bloggers on my blogroll. I'm busy updating the spreadsheet and preparing to write a new article on The Blogger's Dividend Growth Portfolio. Based on initial results, a new number one stock tops the list of most popular dividend growth stocks! Finally, I don't actively look for new blogs to include on my blogroll page. My answer is that I consider blogs to become dormant if the last post is more than 2 months old.If I'm made aware of that, I'll move the link to the dormant section.

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