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While pursuing Black and Blue, T-Lay punches a mentally disabled man. One of the guys then hits some of the "bad guys" in the crotch and more fighting continues (with people slammed into walls, kicked and punched).Black punches T-Lay, but is then hit on the back of the head with a bottle.There's some implied activity between a male transvestite (dressed as a female hooker) and a cell phone investigator (who doesn't realize she's a he) as we see him running out in one scene trying to pull up his pants.Several skimpily dressed female performers dance in a club.

Whether newcomer and hip hop artist Percy Miller -- excuse me, Master P -- who seems to be taking the Sayles approach, becomes a household name or fades into obscurity remains to be seen, but our advice is that he not give up his day job just yet.

Profanity is extreme with nearly 200 "f" words (at least) and a wide assortment of others.

We see several bare-breasted women in different scenes and many sexual references and jokes are made throughout the film.

Thus, not only do Black and Blue have both types of attitudes, but so do the people who buy the "hot" phones as well as Lorraine who helps set up the bogus accounts.

Phrases: "Eat sh*t," "Sh*t for brains," "Hard on" and "Wet dream" (sexual), "Nigger" and "Bitch" (both often said), "Sorry ass," "Punk ass," "Crazy ass," "Pissed," "Nuts" (testicles), "Shut up" and "Screw ups." At least 197 "f" words (82 used with "mother" and 7 used sexually), 61 "s" words, 6 slang terms for male genitals (the "d" word along with "pr*ck" and "willy"), at least 4 slang terms for female genitals (the "p" word), 2 slang terms for breasts (the "t" word), 54 asses (1 used with "hole"), 24 damns, 8 hells, 1 S. B., and 13 uses of "G-damn," and 3 uses of "Jesus" as exclamations.

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