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I have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible - hence sometimes I'll list a medal although I don't have a picture of it - and I'd welcome all comments and corrections, particularly if you happen to have an image I'm missing!

Please click on the initial letter of the nation whose medals you would like to view...

[…]Opened in 2013, the Federal Military Memorial Cemetery near Moscow is Russia’s new national cemetery.

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It is only after the discussions that started in the mid-1990s regarding the participation of the Wehrmacht in war crimes that […]The German soldiers who fell during the Second World War were buried in large cemetery complexes throughout Europe.

Construction and design guidelines drawn up by the Wehrmacht itself put national socialist ideology into a concrete form […]The domain of commemorative architecture represented a novel task to architect Dušan Jurkovič (1868-1947) formerly renowned for his emphatic style synthesizing vernacular architecture and Art Nouveau.

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Although dedicated to […]This article discusses symbolic forms and the association of folklore and politics in the Riga Brethren Cemetery (Brāļu Kapi).[…]Placing soldiers within the narrative of Christ’s Way of the Cross serves a political-ideological agenda as well as a psychological need of local populations.In this paper two case studies, the Calvary of Klagenfurt and the Way of the Cross in Syców (Groß-Wartenberg), are presented to highlight this phenomenon.Conceived as the central memorial for those who fell in action while fighting for the sovereignty of the Latvian people […]In Italy, the commemorative culture regarding World War II has a rather multi-faceted appearance.This seems to be the consequence of the variety of military and civil groups involved in the Italian front as well as in the political post-war scene.

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