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Fry must spend the next few days with his head transplanted onto Amy's shoulder while Dr. Meanwhile, Bender uses the upcoming holiday to get rich quick by starting a blind dating service after getting fined for breaking anti-pimping laws.), centered on a loser pizza delivery boy named Philip J.Contrast You Can't Go Home Again for characters who'd like to return to their former gender but realize they've changed too much to make that possible.See the Third Law of Gender Bending, which frequently (but not always) precedes or overlaps with this trope.more The Customer Is Always Frightened Your cocktail party conversation shouldn't translate to "I mean, come on..I really seem like a danger to myself and society?! First, there's "We blew our friends away with the wedding of the century!!! Jones is getting a series of painful electric shocks to his nipples right now and cannot come to the phone.")..." And then: "But, strangely, none of them showed up to our housewarming in our new tent beneath the overpass"... more Shudder Speed You'd think you wouldn't have to give a man who loves you a detailed list of instructions for photographing you -- down to "immediately erase any shots in which I look like I'm having a seizure or bear a strong resemblance to a surprised goat." more Remaining Chased After you've had your heart broken, it's tempting to opt for romantic safety measures.

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However, Fry soon feels things are moving too fast, and plans to break up with Amy during their picnic on Europa. Zoidberg crashes their car during the date, severing Fry's head.

more Wall Of Me Guys love a woman who says yes -- until they're done doing whatever she said yes to... For example, a garden gnome could be an ideal partner -- because few women will fight you for your 18-inch "Man of Resin" and because his stubby little legs are molded together, making it impossible for him to run away... " is like that "forget about money; do what you love! And go right ahead with that career in lentil sculpture -- assuming you're looking forward to spending your golden years in a very nice retirement tent...

more Flee-Bitten When a guy just cuts you off like a bad tree limb, it's tempting to come up with ego-cushioning explanations: He's in a coma! more Whim Chill Factor Men can experience a sort of temporary amnesia in the moment, leading them to ask you for your number.

In 2011, she played the role of Blithe in the youth based comedy film The Sitter.

She made her acting debut with 2011 TV Movie The Council of Dads as Mykala Wells.

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