Backdoor livecam

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Most locations are flat with a few select spots seeing some knee high plus waves limping in. Building and blownout E/ENE windswell mixes in as well.

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Most of these attacks are considered relatively inconsequential because the devices themselves contain no real data of value (such as credit card numbers or PII).

Putting a callback backdoor into a webcam, for example, gives a hacker full-time access to the network without having to rely on infecting a laptop, workstation or a server, all of which are usually under high scrutiny and may often be patched.

On a tiny device, there is no anti-virus and no endpoint protection.

that laptops, desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones are all at risk of being hacked.

But did you know that intruders might use the built-in camera to take surreptitious pictures and videos of you and your surroundings or hijack your microphone to eavesdrop on conversations?

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