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Thus, this two-part comprehensive review presents adolescent dating violence measures that have been the focus of psychometric testing.

Part 1 of this review discussed six behavior measures, while Part 2 presents seven measures that assess attitudes toward adolescent dating violence, as well as empirical literature that uses these measures.

The numerous case managers at the Integrated Case Management pilot sites who reviewed, edited, and revised many drafts. Integrated Case Management Initiative of the Maine Children's Cabinet C. The goal of the project was to develop improved outcomes for children and families (especially in instances of child abuse and neglect complicated by substance abuse, mental illness and domestic violence) through interdisciplinary case management and integrated service delivery.

Institute staff involved in this project include: Support for the publication of these competencies was provided through a Child Welfare Training Grant from the Administration for Children, Youth, and Families, U. Department of Health and Human Services (Grant # 90-CT-0001). Central to this effort was the development of a competency model for the role of Lead or Primary Case Managers utilizing an Integrated Case Management (ICM) system to coordinate and provide services to children and families in Maine.

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Harlor, Michele Hylen, Paul Mac Farland, Martha Proulx, Shelby Rafter, Valerie Ricker, Catherine Stakeman -- for assistance in the overall planning and implementation of the ICM project and competency model development. Developing A Holistic Competency Model A Competency Model for Integrated Case Management Lead Case Managers In the fall of 1997, the Institute for Public Sector Innovation at the University of Southern Maine's Edmund S.

Tracey Cooley, Michele Hylen and Paul Mac Farland for their contributions to the Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health Technical Knowledge and Skills sections . Muskie School of Public Service, in collaboration with the Maine Children's Cabinet, began work on an Interdisciplinary Training Program funded by the DHHS Children's Bureau.

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