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In ancient times, Tun was an honorific title used by noble people of royal lineage, inherited by the male descendants.

Over time, the Tun title has become a title conferred by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong to the most-deserving recipient who has highly contributed to the nation.

This can be seen in the Indianization of Southeast Asia, spread of Hinduism and Buddhism.

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Take you time and enjoy every moment spent will uncensored Malay porn siege tube videos - it is the most breathtaking spectacle!There is a maximum number of Malaysian subjects who may be award-holders at any one time.These numerical limits apply only to Malaysian subjects.The sequence that should be used when formally writing or addressing a person's name is: honorary style, professional rank, royal hereditary title, federal title, state title, non-royal hereditary title, Doctor (of medicine or philosophy), Haji/Hajjah (for Muslim men and women who have performed the Hajj), name.For instance in the Brunei, the title for one of Bruneian traditional ministers (Pehin-Pehin Cheteria) whose honorary title would be Yang Berhormat, profession rank is Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Setia Lela, state title is Dato Seri Setia, traditional Bruneian Malay prefix title for non-royalty is Awang.

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